Rabat – A recent ranking of global touristic hubs  has just confirmed Marrakech’s standing in the group of global titans, those ‘international cities’ setting ablaze the hearts of those who visit them.In its most recent ranking of the world’s top 25 destinations, TripAdvisor ranked Marrakech as the eight best destination for travellers, putting the Moroccan city ahead of cities like Istanbul, New York, and Dubai, which were ranked ninth, tenth, and seventeenth, respectively.“The red city of Marrakech is a magical place brimming with markets, gardens, places and mosques, “said TripAdvisor in its justification of Marrakech’s standing in the ranking.” The globally reputed ‘travel app’ recommended a number of “magical places” to visit while in Marrakech, including the city’s sinuous and romantic streets, and of course its world-class hotels and restaurants. From the city’s vibrant Medina to the “serenity of the Majorelle Garden,” and the presence of its numerous historical mosques, Marrakech is a splendor, according to TripAdvisor.It is worth noting that Marrakech is the only African city to have made it to the top 10, with the Egyptian town Hurghada, the other African town in the top 25, ranked as 21st .If Morocco’s reputation as a touristic hub is to be maintained, then international validation is vital.And perhaps unsurprisingly, with this ranking of Marrakech in the clubs of the world’s most magical and marvellous cities, Morocco’s tourism industry can take pride in yet another morale boost, an international and credible validation of those who have visited the North African country’s many touristic destinations. read more

“Mellit is known for the peaceful coexistence between all tribes. I hope that this reputation will continue well into the future,” said UNAMID’s Head of Office for North Darfur, Hassan Gibril, who led the Mission’s delegation in the talks with community leaders on Tuesday.Disagreements between members of the Ziyadiah and Berti tribes emerged on 15 August, and resulted in violent clashes in which shops were looted and destroyed in Mellit’s main market area. The violence resulted in the deaths of six people and injuries to 12 others.According to an UNAMID news release, Mr. Gibril said he was deeply concerned by the tragic events and offered the Mission’s assistance in mediation and inter-tribal reconciliation activities. “We want to learn from what happened to prevent such incidents in the future,” he said.During the meeting with the UNAMID delegation, the local chief of the Abassi camp for internally displaced persons, Adam Abdurahim Kharif, said that residents fear attacks similar to the one that happened in the Kassab camp, which earlier this month was surrounded by armed men who looted its market and burnt down the police post located within, killing four people. The security and humanitarian situations in the camp have deteriorated since then, according to the Mission.Mr. Kharuf also asked for more protection from UNAMID to prevent similar events from occurring in Mellit.The Mission noted that Mellit’s local commissioner said that the events last week were a series of isolated incidents that have been resolved through goodwill, while the deputy leader of the Ziyadiah tribe said that members of the community moved quickly to contain the situation and now are working together to find a peaceful remedy. The leader of the Berti tribe said that, in general, the culture of the area values peace and the people are not troublemakers.Deployed at the beginning of 2008, UNAMID is tasked with protecting civilians, promoting an inclusive peace process and helping ensure the safe delivery of humanitarian assistance across Darfur, an arid region on Sudan’s western flank. read more