first_img*sigh*8. Lick the spoonShutterstock.com9. Read Mallory Towers/Hardy BoysSeriesBookArtWikimedia Commons 10. Say “When I grow up I want to be…”When I grow up I want to be… Commander Hadfield of course (@Cmdr_Hadfield)11. Pretend the floor is lava12. Have a Disney/Pixar collectionImgur13. Roll down a hillFrom reader Tokidoll:Rolling down a hill and thinking you’ve gone miles down in a straight line but when you stop you realise you’ve only gone about 12 feet diagonally. You may also find yourself covered in grass. 20. Watch Les Pounder/Flickr/Creative Commons 6. Wear a onesie7. Avoid the cracksFrom reader Eileen McKenna:Walking all round tesco without stepping on a join in the tiles! Do it with the carpet tiles in the office too. I’m 53. SO WE’VE ALREADY established that there are some things you are never to old for.Laughing at ‘Muff, Co Donegal’ or building a cushion fort are high on the list, as is watching cartoons.We, with the help of some readers have now put together a comprehensive list.You will never ever be too old to:1. Kick through a massive pile of leaves(Only now that you’re a grown up you might have to rake them up again)Imgur 2. Play with LegoInSapphoWeTrust/Flickr/CreativeCommons3. Build a cushion fortLorena Cupcake/Flickr/Creative Commons 4. Laugh at fartsYouTube/AxonV25. Play the Amstrad vs Commadore 64 warcenter_img 14. Use eeny meeny miney mo to decide on somethingLanguid4/Flickr/Creative Commons 15.  Ditto rock paper scissorsAP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan16. Play in a boxDNAMichaud/Flickr/Creative Commons 17. Slide down the stairs in a sleeping bagFrom reader Joe Dangermouse:Going down the stairs head first in sleeping bags, good times.While Paddy Murphy took it a bit further:Sending your younger sister down the stairs – In a suitcase.18.  Have last night’s stamp on your handTindermill cards 19. Sliding on the floor in socksFrom reader Sam RhodesThings I’ve never grown out of: counting on my fingers and checking the wardrobe for monsters. Oh and I still ‘ski’ my wooden floors in my socks too. I’m 40. 21. Give yourself a bad frightWatch the Blair Witch Project at night with the curtains open. Go on.22. Give someone else a bad frightYouTube/JamesCCostello23. Have a go in a wheelbarrowFrom reader Jose:Came home from work one day last year to find the two daughters giving each other rides around the house in the wheelbarrow, they are both in their 20s.24. Yearn for Sylvanian FamiliesSaima/Flickr/Creative Commons25. Play your NES/SNES/Sega Megadrive/Gameboy etcTetrsdtx/Flcikr/Creative Commons26. Frubes, Dan Bars, Dip Dabs Wham bars and Mr. Freezes27. Colour inColoringForGrownUps.com28. Read Roald DahlHoneyBeeBooksBlog29. Riding your bike down a hillFrom reader Curry Chips:Going down a hill really fast on your bike, especially when you take your feet off the pedals and it feels like you’re flying. Can’t beat it :)Are there some things  you are never too old for?16 amazing songs from the nineties that you’ve forgotten>last_img read more