first_imgHasbro’s been having fun with Nerf. Besides regular Nerf N-Strike blasters, there’s the zombie-themed Zombie Strike line, the wasteland-themed Doomlands line, and the alien-themed Alien Menace line. There’s also the girl-focused (and thankfully not too pink and cloying) Nerf Rebelle and car-launching Nerf Nitro series, but let’s focus on the goofy themed Nerf blasters. They’re absurd, and Hasbro has given us an exclusive look at the newest ones that will be on display at Toy Fair later this month.Ladies and gentlemen, here comes The Judge. Specifically Nerf Doomlands The Judge, the biggest and craziest themed blaster yet (and that includes the Zombie Strike Doominator, which has four rotating six-shot cylinders and is called the Doominator). This is the most Borderlands-ass Nerf gun I’ve ever seen. It’s a giant orange barrel of a gun with a rotating cylinder that holds 10 sets of triple dart holders. It fires three darts at a time like a huge shotgun,Like all of Hasbro’s themed Nerf blasters, it has some great details. Notice the molded dynamos behind the barrel, and the faux fasteners that make the gun look like it was riveted together out of old pipes and generators.The Zombie Strike Dreadbolt crossbow is the newest zombie-themed Nerf gun, and the first one to fire the new type of Nerf arrows. Back in the day, the Nerf Arrow was just a giant dart with fins on it (the original Nerf Bow and Arrow was actually the first Nerf product to fire projectiles). This new Nerf arrow is an actual shafted, fluted arrow. It just has a big Nerf knob on the end. This means the Dreadbolt actually fires it like a crossbow, using the tension of a bowstring instead of an air piston.Hasbro has made similar arrow-launching Nerf products before, like the Nerf Rebelle Revolution Bow, but this is the first zombie green crossbow to use the system. If you prefer darts fired by air pressure, the Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow is already available.Finally, there’s the Alien Menace Voidcaster, which mechanically is a pretty standard dart-firing Nerf gun. It can fire four darts without reloading, but it doesn’t otherwise have a gimmick. That’s fine, because it looks like it it comes straight from Halo, or Lexx. It’s also the most affordable of the new blasters; it’s just $20, while the Dreadbolt and The Judge will retail for $50 and $60. All three new blasters will be available this fall, and will be displayed at Toy Fair along with tons and tons of other new toys Hasbro will be showing off for the coming year.last_img read more