May 31st, Xiguan Street office staff Zhang Shiying will be sent to the 5 residents of the home of the unemployed, the same day is the West Main Street area unemployment attendance service day. June 3rd, the reporter learned that Xiguan Street office to create a service-oriented street as the goal, the development of a series of initiatives.

residents of the office of Zhao Meiying launched the most impressive door service. A few days ago, her father is ill in hospital, one family all in the hospital to accompany his father did not expect to do surgery on the same day, the office staff with fruits and flowers, to the hospital to see the old man, also brought his father’s social security subsidies, "I did not expect the community service so meticulous, we are very touched by one family." Originally, the days staff repeatedly come to subsidies for Zhao Meiying’s father, but did not find him, then from the neighbors learned that Zhao Meiying’s father was ill in hospital, the staff went to the hospital to visit the elderly, by the payment of social security subsidy. read more

In order to reduce the volatile organic compounds in the air emissions, improve air quality, Xining city to accelerate the implementation of oil and gas recovery and reconstruction work carried out since the gas station, oil and gas recovery transformation from September up to now, 11 completed the transformation of gas station. Is expected by the end of next year, the full completion of 115 gas stations in the oil and gas recycling.

"government work report" pointed out that over the past five years, the implementation of the "four zone two line" development strategy in our province, start the eastern city group and Hercynian construction of urban-rural integration, foster the development of county economy, the urbanization rate increased by 7.4 percentage points, to 47.4%, to promote urban and rural development.

accelerate the development of new urbanization is the only way for the province to achieve a comprehensive well-off, is the implementation of the "two new" goals and "zone" strategy is the inevitable requirement. In front of us is how to give full play to urbanization in the "four modernizations" synchronous development of the driving force? How to explore the diverse forms of urbanization, struggling to get out of a new urbanization path with Qinghai characteristics? read more

Recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education organized the city’s students to credit student loan work exchange, summed up the city’s students in recent years, the loan student loans

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education organized the city’s students to credit student loan work exchange, summed up the city in recent years, the student loan student loans. City Board of education, the County Education Bureau in charge of student loans to work in the leadership and staff of more than 30 people attended the meeting. read more

to encourage advanced, establish a typical, and promote urban management to a new level. Recently, the Xining Urban District Management Committee Office of the jurisdiction of the three front door package better implementation of the responsibility of the 12 shops were rewarded.

it is understood that since the implementation of "in front of three" responsibility system, the central main street street units (stores) to actively participate in the effective maintenance of city appearance and environmental sanitation. Not long ago, the city district management committee office through the review, the jurisdiction of more than and 630 stores for the first quarter of 2015, April 24th, the implementation of the "front three" accountability prominent North Street Cafe "in front of three" star unit, East Street, YOUNGOR stores and other 3 "in front of three" outstanding unit and South Gate Street 8 solid impression "in front of three" standard units were awarded a total of 17000 yuan bonus. read more

Reporter in March 25th from the provincial press and Publication Bureau was informed that, recently, the national publication fund management office announced the national publication fund evaluation results of the year 2016, Qinghai people’s Publishing House of the "sage" wedding banquet "Declaration" "classic ancient Tibetan Thangka metric of four" 3 publishing projects approved.

national publication fund is a major national Permanent Fund, China is following the natural science foundation of philosophy and social science fund, the fund third, major publishing projects funded primarily on behalf of current ideological and political, literature and art, the highest level of science and culture. Sage "wedding banquet" by "two part history" and "the gang Cang history". From the ancient Tibet, when the yuan and Ming Dynasty, records the ancient Tibet’s political economy, history and geography, religious culture, law and society etc., has important value in the richness and content of historical records of the extensive international version of its value and literature value in historical materials is more outstanding. "The text described as" Thangka measurement framework with figurative interpretation with hand-painted patterns, show Thangka painting canvas painting production, measurement, lines, color, pigments and other basic dye production process. "Four" classic of ancient Tibetan Tibetan medicine is the earliest and most original, the most fundamental is the classic Tibetan herbal pokedex, Tibetan Medicine Classics academic high value and great difficulty of translation of classical works, called for the authority of Tibetan medicine. read more

The afternoon of June 25th, Shanghai, Songjiang District, political and law cadres delegation 19 people in the province, the city’s leaders, accompanied by the East District of Xining to study social management innovation

6 on the afternoon of 25 May, Shanghai, Songjiang District, a group of cadres of political science and law delegation a group of people in the province, the city’s leaders, accompanied by the East District of Xining city to study the social management innovation.

Since the read more