January 25th, DotAsia Vice President Joe Jing said in an interview with reporters, the registration bureau will be part of the show star.Asia domain name, and this concept is extended to India, Japan, Korea and other places.

Joe honorifics, Registration Bureau launched the giveaway is the online brand protection awareness to enhance celebrities, this will receive.Asia of the domain name is surreal "home and everything of the Olympic Games, I love you" and Guo Da A Duo, the official website of the boys after more than 30 entertainment stars and athletes. read more

November 1st, Taobao mall announced the official launch of an independent domain name (www.tmall.com), at the same time, Taobao will invest 200 million yuan in the next 3 months, to promote the Taobao mall brand.

Taobao mall launched an independent domain name tmall.com, and put on the bus stop advertising

Taobao mall also announced a new development strategy: on the existing basis, to provide personalized consumer navigation services for consumers according to the different characteristics of goods, and through the integration of logistics supply chain in the backend, integrated logistics information, establish the logistics industry service standards and processes. read more

is the most expensive car in the world, I call "shopping cart", "double eleven" on the same day to cut the hand of the party who can smoothly complete the payment, fast falls the car for the "yesterday, Alipay launched the" Tmall double 11 recharge Alipay pumping red "campaign, consumers not only have the chance to get the highest 100 yuan" double eleven "shopping envelopes, but also get the speed smooth payment experience, it is understood that these envelopes totaled 2 million 360 thousand, the total amount reached 20 million 500 thousand yuan. read more

last year (2015) of China’s electricity supplier of agricultural products showed the government to promote and market to promote the "double feature", on the one hand, the government to promote the development of China’s rural electricity supplier, the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of finance, Poverty Alleviation Office, State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other more than and 10 ministries issued more than and 50 file. On the other hand, under the drive of the market, Ali, Suning, Jingdong and other large enterprises to enter the rural areas, "two super – strong – small" electricity supplier of agricultural products market structure, make the rural electricity supplier, electricity supplier of agricultural products, agricultural electricity supplier by the blue ocean into the Red Sea, and the convergence of investment, homogenization serious embarrassment the situation, the industry believes that the electricity supplier has agriculture into the blowout period. read more