to encourage advanced, establish a typical, and promote urban management to a new level. Recently, the Xining Urban District Management Committee Office of the jurisdiction of the three front door package better implementation of the responsibility of the 12 shops were rewarded.

it is understood that since the implementation of "in front of three" responsibility system, the central main street street units (stores) to actively participate in the effective maintenance of city appearance and environmental sanitation. Not long ago, the city district management committee office through the review, the jurisdiction of more than and 630 stores for the first quarter of 2015, April 24th, the implementation of the "front three" accountability prominent North Street Cafe "in front of three" star unit, East Street, YOUNGOR stores and other 3 "in front of three" outstanding unit and South Gate Street 8 solid impression "in front of three" standard units were awarded a total of 17000 yuan bonus.


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