Reporter in March 25th from the provincial press and Publication Bureau was informed that, recently, the national publication fund management office announced the national publication fund evaluation results of the year 2016, Qinghai people’s Publishing House of the "sage" wedding banquet "Declaration" "classic ancient Tibetan Thangka metric of four" 3 publishing projects approved.

national publication fund is a major national Permanent Fund, China is following the natural science foundation of philosophy and social science fund, the fund third, major publishing projects funded primarily on behalf of current ideological and political, literature and art, the highest level of science and culture. Sage "wedding banquet" by "two part history" and "the gang Cang history". From the ancient Tibet, when the yuan and Ming Dynasty, records the ancient Tibet’s political economy, history and geography, religious culture, law and society etc., has important value in the richness and content of historical records of the extensive international version of its value and literature value in historical materials is more outstanding. "The text described as" Thangka measurement framework with figurative interpretation with hand-painted patterns, show Thangka painting canvas painting production, measurement, lines, color, pigments and other basic dye production process. "Four" classic of ancient Tibetan Tibetan medicine is the earliest and most original, the most fundamental is the classic Tibetan herbal pokedex, Tibetan Medicine Classics academic high value and great difficulty of translation of classical works, called for the authority of Tibetan medicine.


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