The afternoon of June 25th, Shanghai, Songjiang District, political and law cadres delegation 19 people in the province, the city’s leaders, accompanied by the East District of Xining to study social management innovation

6 on the afternoon of 25 May, Shanghai, Songjiang District, a group of cadres of political science and law delegation a group of people in the province, the city’s leaders, accompanied by the East District of Xining city to study the social management innovation.

Since the

work on social management innovation, Zhou Jiaquan office Yang Jia Xiang community with the area of minority nationalities, many temples practice, to create "national unity" community as the focus, to the masses of believers to publicize the party’s ethnic and religious policies and laws and regulations, improve the legal awareness of the jurisdiction of the masses of believers, effectively resolve disputes. Innovative work mode, the establishment of a comprehensive service center, the comprehensive management of social management is closely related to the interests of the people of health, civil affairs, social security and reemployment services unified into the center, through the acceptance, the contractor, reply three links, a door, a window, a one-time completion and approval, to maximize the jurisdiction of the masses and do practical things. Cyber source based community still existing, perfecting the community family circle construction, oriented to the needs of the residents, set up a multi-functional meeting room (party room), reading room, fitness room, record room, rehabilitation room, community service hall, multifunctional cultural activity room, the old day care room, making the heart buckle, zero distance, provide one-stop service for the residents of the area. Effectively improve the management of the community and the masses of scientific, humane, intelligent, fine level, to create a more harmonious and stable social environment and high quality and efficient service environment.

study group believe that my area firmly establish "the masses is the root, the service is the" concept innovation, grid management, a new model of social management one-stop service, and effective work, outstanding characteristics, practical and feasible, for future work and send a lot of social management innovation.






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