"" 13th Five-Year "is the period of poverty alleviation kenyinggutou, rattling period, must be determined to make efforts to speed up, to progress together to win the battle of poverty, to ensure that the current standard in 2020 under the poverty-stricken population in rural and pastoral areas out of poverty, poor counties all fled." The morning of March 10th, general secretary Xi Jinping in an important speech at the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the Qinghai delegation to the cadres and the masses in our province full of excitement. We have said, must take the responsibility of poverty on his shoulders, in their hands, grasp the accurate, clear, try to identify the target, pay more attention to education poverty, pay more attention to the sustainability of poverty increase effect, around four years, focused on tackling a year to consolidate ascension "," concentrate on a group of eight "poverty reduction project, resolute, determined to win the battle of poverty.

vice governor Yan Jinhai said, "I made four years of concentrated poverty, a year of consolidation, to enhance the overall deployment of" 2019 all poor people out of poverty, then after a year of efforts to consolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, this year to ensure that 110 thousand impoverished population precise poverty. General Secretary Xi in his speech fully affirmed the work of poverty alleviation and development of the province’s ideas, initiatives and results, we need to implement the real poverty alleviation plan implemented. General Secretary Xi’s important speech, as we work together to win the fight against poverty further pointed out the direction. We must unite with the spirit of the speech action, and steadily push forward the "eight batch" poverty alleviation action plan.

, director of poverty alleviation and Development Bureau Ma Fengsheng said, "13th Five-Year" period is the key period of poverty alleviation kenyinggutou, we should strive to achieve precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty, accurate to the household, accurate to one, further targeted to solve the "who, who to support how to help, how to help, the four aspects of off" the problem.

Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture governor white Gazasi said, the General Secretary Xi words are the motivation, it is encouragement, we should make great efforts to do a good job skills training, help the masses to broaden the channels of employment, promoting industrial poverty, strengthen their ability of sustainable development, in building a well-off society in the process, do not let a brother nation left behind, don’t let out a poor area, don’t let a poor people left behind.

helping the poor. The development of education, personnel training, enhance their hematopoietic ability is the fundamental measure to completely out of poverty. Provincial Education Department Director Wang Xuan said, we must pay more attention to education out of poverty, accelerate the development of education in poor areas, can not let the children in poor areas lost at the starting line, can not let the phenomenon of intergenerational transmission of poverty.

small ramen, big industry, true fame, through more than 20 years of hard work, thousands of people out of the mountains of the province, the province to go out of poverty." Haidong municipal Party committee secretary said in congle, Hand-Pulled Noodle economy accounted for "half of the country in the local farmers’ income in the future, Haidong city should pay more attention to the sustainability of poverty to improve the effect of the Hand-Pulled Noodle economy as the main channel of the city farmers continued to increase to foster.

Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tongren County poverty alleviation and development bureau;

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