reporter learned in October 24th, led by the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Bao Yizhi inspection team for the implementation of the province’s national fitness program implementation inspection, the province’s national fitness work fully affirmed.

it is understood that the inspection team came to the Qinghai national fitness center, Qinghai Sports Center, the national sports training base of DOPA plateau, understand the national fitness project, to promote national fitness activities, sports stadiums and free running low charge opening and Duoba planning, project construction, scientific research, sports talent situation.

in the national fitness work fully affirmed the achievements, pointed out that the inspection group should conscientiously implement the national and provincial health and health conference spirit, promote the national fitness popularization, life and scientific, to achieve fitness and health depth fusion; government departments play a leading role in developing and organizing the implementation of the new period of the national fitness the implementation of the plan; strengthen capital investment, talent training, to provide the necessary financial and personnel support for the national fitness, fitness function through the health insurance card, the health insurance card function to prevent and cure the front; effective use of sports venues, sports and cultural resources for the National Fitness and national health services, improve the infrastructure built stadium the implementation of large stadiums free low-cost open policy, to promote the project, fitness facilities management service grid The base to build a high altitude training oriented, service experience demonstration, the characteristics of the cultural display of a comprehensive national sports base, better for the people’s health and fitness services.


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