during the Spring Festival holiday this year, the Xining people’s broadcasting station to our province "provincial" Xining city "goal and construction of cultural life of the city, the city of happiness" theme, adhere to the cultural propaganda service close to reality, life and the masses, on radio programs carefully choreographed, careful production, broadcast, and strive to highlight, constantly exciting, colorful, dedicated to a sound cultural entertainment feast be not of the common sort for the general public.

one, around a word to do music, the content is more colorful

planning "dragon dance summer seven days" special program (daily eight hours of continuous broadcast, including "xiadou ceilidhs column", "variety big stage" and "DJ up" and "spring drunk Hehuang"), with radio resources and high-quality program host resources based on a theme, the main line that is full of culture and entertainment, including variety, music, opera, drama, literature, film and television etc.. Generally speaking, a single program as an exquisite dishes, listening as a sumptuous cultural entertainment "Qinghai Laoba disc".

two, around a live word to do the article, the form is more flexible and diverse

to keep the frequency of the original broadcast form (especially broadcast form) based on the same design of the file broadcast special programs, rich sound source, enhance interaction, highlighting the culture of the stage, all fun program policy. At the same time, through a more reasonable programming and listening to guide, so that the audience in the choice of listening more flexibility.

three, around a pro word to do, to better reflect the frequency of professionalism, enhance service

in the premise of maintaining consistency and each have their own focus, give full play to the characteristics of radio stations in Xining and the location of the program planning. The news increased the frequency of holiday news editing and broadcasting efforts, improve the reporter line, broadcast, experiential interview broadcast efforts; frequency of traffic through the 110 command center monitoring and form and traffic participants linkage, encrypted traffic information broadcast frequency, do a good job in the railway, highway and civil aviation transportation information released at the same time focus on the all-weather, random city, suburban bus line and release traffic information, and effectively improve the service level of urban life and guide; frequency focus on basic necessities of life travel and entertainment festival "and other essential elements, good life information service, but also the participation and interaction.

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