the morning of May 30th, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao and the research work of the media, Xining city leaders Wang Haihong, Zhang Yonghai has field research of Xining radio and TV transmitting station, Xining TV industry center, Xining evening news, and face to face discussion with reporters and editors.

in the Xining evening news conference room after the discussion, Wang Xiao on behalf of the municipal Party committee to express my sincere greetings and in interaction with the participants said, today is the weekend, but many comrades still stick in the workplace, two characteristics reflect the news from one side of the mouth: one is hard, overtime is normal off; another is important to the production and dissemination of modern society cannot do without the runtime information. Xining evening news and radio and television work solid, outstanding achievements, many excellent works to the audience left a deep impression.

Wang Xiao, I hope the media friends to pay attention to grasp the relations between politics and journalism, adhere to the party newspapers and politicians news, promote the socialist core values, the party’s ideas spread out through the news works of high level; pay attention to grasp the relationship of science and journalism, strengthen scientific thinking and the spirit of science, not only embodies the media of courage, but also to reflect the media analysis understanding of major issues level with scientific attitude; pay attention to grasp the relationship between social news and professional, objective, comprehensive and rational to fulfill their social responsibilities, spread the good voice, spread the main theme, transfer positive energy.

Wang Xiao, Xining evening news and radio and television stations should adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, accelerate media convergence, improve service level, strengthen self construction, more efforts for the city’s economic and social development and people’s life of happiness.


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