9 6, the provincial government and the Chinese Minmetals Group will implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping visited in Qinghai, focusing on the promotion of Saline Lake the level of comprehensive utilization of resources, accelerate the development of circular economy, increase the problem of poverty alleviation efforts targeted aid to the discussion. Governor Hao Peng presided over the forum, China Minmetals Group Chairman, party secretary He Wenbo attended the forum.

Hao Peng said that to promote the sustained and healthy development of the economy is a major task Qinghai must pay close attention to. We will adhere to the new development concept for the lead, vigorously implement the innovation driven development strategy to transform and upgrade traditional industries, and strive to create a new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries, accelerate the development of modern service industry, focus on poverty alleviation and development, promote the overall development of the ecological environmental protection, infrastructure construction and public service improvement work, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of development. Hao Peng said that over the years, cooperation between Qinghai and Minmetals Group continued to deepen, and achieved positive results for our in-depth cooperation has laid a good foundation. Saline Lake is the largest resource resources in Qinghai, it is the strategic resources of the country, we will firmly establish the concept of circular development, continue to promote industrial processes, technology, technology innovation, to promote the extension of comprehensive utilization of resources, deep processing and industrial chain, to speed up the progress of project construction Minmetals Saline Lake area, promote the development of downstream industries together with our province and strive to achieve a breakthrough in the development of circular economy. At the same time, jointly foster the development of finance, tourism and other modern service industry, boost Qinghai optimize the industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading. Hao Peng hope Minmetals increase poverty alleviation support efforts to actively promote the industry to help the poor, and enhance the sustainable development of poor people in our province. Qinghai will continue to support Minmetals Group in Qinghai to invest in entrepreneurship, improve supporting services, create a good environment to achieve common development, mutual benefit and win-win.

He Wenbo said Minmetals Group as a large central enterprises, shouldering the maintenance of national mineral resources security, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of an important mission. In recent years, Qinghai province to explore the development mode of circular economy, promote the integration of resources, products, industry depth, speed up the pace of industrial restructuring, foster new economic development momentum, especially has made great achievements in the aspects of the comprehensive utilization of resources, Saline Lake lithium industry development, more broad prospects for cooperation between the two sides of the. He said, Minmetals Group will give full play to the talent, technology, capital and other advantages, and further increase investment in Qinghai, accelerating the Saline Lake resources comprehensive development projects, and actively develop new materials such as lithium industry projects, will be Qinghai’s resources better into products and industrial advantages and economic advantages. He said, Minmetals Group will actively fulfill social responsibility of central enterprises, highlight the tourism ecological poverty alleviation, and other key areas, creatively carry out poverty alleviation targeted aid work, and strive to contribute to Qinghai on schedule to achieve the target of poverty alleviation.

Wang Liming, Yang Fengchun participate in the discussion.


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