February 26th, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department held the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting, in-depth study and implement the municipal Party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting spirit, arrangements for the organs of educational practice.

the meeting stressed that the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organs should grasp rectification work, strengthen the system construction, ensure the improvement of long-term normal style, in order to solve the four winds problem led to consciously "six strengthening": strengthening the spiritual pillar of the Communist Party, the firm lofty ideal of communism; strengthen the fundamental purpose of serving the people, always the hearts of the people in the highest position, and establish a people-centered job oriented; strengthen the real virtual work work concept, the principle requirements into specific work items, work starting point to assess the effect of real, to be real, to solve outstanding problems the masses to implement publicity and ideological work not to shout slogans, to solve practical problems; occupation to strengthen the spirit of dedication, strengthen propaganda and ideological and cultural undertakings in the sense of pride, has always been the cause of the party and people As the most important, dedication, hard to learn and master the work required of all aspects of knowledge; strengthen the fearless bear responsibility consciousness, active play, sense of responsibility; strengthen clean and honest political qualities, firmly build the correct power, status, concept of interests, in strict accordance with the rules and procedures, diligent and honest, wholehearted devotion to public duty. Establish a good image of propaganda team.


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