In June 7th, the city’s 13091 candidates respectively into 15 sites, 450 room, in the morning, the afternoon of Chinese mathematics college entrance examination subjects examination (June 8th for the integrated arts, science and foreign language < > 9, including hearing; "bilingual" candidates of the Tibetan language, Mongolian language, ethnic Chinese subject test) the college entrance examination, to ensure safe and smooth, this year, multi sectoral linkage city for the majority of candidates escort, which, for the first time the police with guns armed patrol guarding the entrance. At the same time the paper vehicle satellite positioning, all-round monitoring sites in the use of video inspection system to send papers and examination on line collar, deployed with vehicle satellite positioning system of public security special vehicle for the college entrance examination the center of shipping papers. Test set up telephone hotlines — in our city to strengthen the standardization of the management of examination at the same time, in the center set up hotlines, exposure table, for the majority of candidates, parents, community supervision and reporting, timely processing of the masses, timely exposure of violation behavior. English listening equipment at best, English listening test in order to ensure a comprehensive examination and no danger of anything going wrong and debugging of the IP digital broadcasting system in the city center of Xining municipal education examination system, in conjunction with the broadcast audio experts during the examination of professional and technical personnel, equipped with professional and technical personnel hand guard. Make sure the English listening test equipment is in the best condition. Each point of 10 police on duty, during the test, each test center is equipped with 10 police cordon set up in the center of the periphery, no not to enter, in which 4 police officers carry guns composed of riot terrorist attacks by armed patrol group. Two police motorcycles on standby – each test station with enough traffic police to maintain traffic order, and additional police vehicles as a vehicle for the emergency rescue of the two special vehicles, the scene on standby. In addition, radio, confidentiality, health, transportation, environmental protection, power supply and other departments are multi pronged approach to ensure the smooth progress of the college entrance examination at the same time, to provide personalized services for the candidates. In the morning, director of vice mayor, Zhang Qian Municipal Public Security Bureau in the City Commission, accompanied by members of the unit in charge of the Xining municipal education examination, to the command center, through the examination of the 15 remote video sites of the progress of Internet search.  

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