fall to retain Liu Yuxin photo

Liang Jia Yang Jinhua photo

New Village

autumn Zhao Chengkai photo

the fifteen Ye Rong photo

butter flower store

a photo by Wei Tingxiang

Xueyun Lianhu Luo Changcai photo

The new king Tian Xiaoying photo


happy Zhao Chengkai photo

snow Bath Village Jin Guoshun photo

Take a photo by Liu Yongzhou

in autumn

ink wash Yamada Yoshiharu

nanfo phantom Yicheng

Wei photo

treasure snow sanctuary Chen Qiming photo

home round Yang Jinhua photo

– 2013 "China Qinghai · beautiful Huangzhong" China Mobile Cup "first photography contest" of

here is the birthplace of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism founder Tsongkhapa, here was built in Hongwu twelve years one of the Yellow Sect of six major monasteries world famous Kumbum Monastery here, accumulated rich historical culture and colorful folk customs of the Huangshui River, this beautiful beautiful, unique scenery, outstanding people, here is the creation of a photographer paradise. In order to better promote the Huangzhong rich cultural, tourism, development of natural resources, as well as places of historic interest and scenic beauty of the economy and society, the use of the unique language of photography, recording the history of the development of Huangzhong, showing the development of Huangzhong achievements, build Huangzhong cultural tourism brand, Huangzhong county held Chinese Qinghai · beautiful Huangzhong "China Mobile Cup" first photography contest ", and in from November 2nd to 25, at Wangfujing on 54 West Road shop on the first floor.


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