7 12, governor Hao Peng presided over the meeting, listen to the theme of the preparation of the report of the fifteenth Lake race. He pointed out that the lake race is our province build the internationally influential boutique international events, should cherish and care, do the brand, full of good events of the organization, to ensure safety, ensure excellent, ensure harmony, to ensure the successful, in 15 years a new starting point, and strive to build our own one hundred years of excellent events.

At the

meeting, the fifteenth session of the Organizing Committee of the tournament, the relevant person in charge of the preparation of the event organization. Hao Peng pointed out that the lake race has gone through 14 years of history, in the beginning of the new year on the run around the lake race, the significance of the more significant 15. The provincial government attaches great importance to run around the race this year, since the Lake Race organizing committee to carry out preparatory work, focus, co-ordination arrangements, scientific and efficient, solid progress, the preparatory work is progressing smoothly, solid and effective, has laid a solid foundation for the host a wonderful and successful, the success of the lake race. The next step, to continue in the rich connotation, enhance the level of efforts by the lake race held, driven by new industries, new format development, play to create a new economic growth point, foster the development of new energy an important role; to race around the lake as a platform and window, to fully display the beauty of Qinghai new image. Change display of Qinghai’s economic and social development achievements and the urban and rural appearance, show the people of Qinghai made for the protection and construction of an important national ecological security barrier efforts and contributions; to actively integrate into the Qinghai Lake race as an important carrier of The Belt and Road ", deepen exchanges, exchange and blending, constantly improve the level of opening up.

Hao Peng stressed that the lake race is a systematic, comprehensive and important activities. The relevant regions and departments should work closely with each other to coordinate and promote the work of seamless. To ensure safety. The event time span, match a long route, safety work can not have the slightest slack, must from the event itself, event services, social security and other aspects, to improve the safety prevention and emergency response capabilities, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. Two to ensure the wonderful. To pay attention to increase the cultural elements of the various ethnic groups in the plateau, improve the participation of the masses of the entire event process, and effectively enhance the wonderful lake race. Three to ensure harmony. To do a race between the people of all ethnic groups, people of all ethnic groups and to the green eight party guests, and all the athletes in our province to strengthen exchanges, enhance friendship between the events, fully show the unity and progress of all ethnic groups in Qinghai together, common prosperity and development of the spirit. Four to ensure a satisfactory. This lake race will be lasted more than ten days, the security work to realistically catch fine from every aspect, every race, every time, can’t make any mistakes, don’t leave any regrets, the event even more successful.

Han Jianhua put forward the requirements of the relevant work, Yang Fengchun attended the meeting.


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