The morning of September 10th, the assignment, refueling station, land auction special promotion has not yet started the state-owned land use rights, can accommodate nearly 300 people in the hall had All seats are occupied. Many businessmen have been looking at the table placed on the site of the introduction of the discussion. With the beginning of the meeting, along with the promotion of the Xining Municipal Bureau of land and water, the projector to map a plot of land on the screen.

promotion and "bolanbujing, sometimes applause. Sitting in the boss behind the speaking in a thick accent of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, has been whispered discussion with the promotion of land, in an interview that one of them is Wei Jinfu, several other is he borrowed from the Fair attracted from the hometown of Wujiang in Xining investment folks, friends. Five years ago Wei Jinfu led one family came to Xining, with more than ten million yuan of funds from the "minor" started, the wholesale vegetable, building, and business partnership engaged in gas station, a "snowball" like walking, doing more and more business has accumulated nearly 10 million of assets. With venture capital, Wei Jinfu is not satisfied with the current site, heard that the lake district has a piece of land for auction by their appetite "difficult to eat", thus led to the capital strength of his friends, came to Xining to inspect the project and seek cooperation, that the launch is more mature and perfect project friends, are full of confidence, to seek business opportunities in Xining, looking for the cause of the foundation of the original only sea lake district plots, will promote the project for Wei Jinfu and his friends dizzying, determined to do more investment, the "cake" bigger.

more than five years of experience in Xining, has let Wei Jinfu fell in love with Xining, the more he wanted is to push Xining to the hometown "bosses", leads them to invest in Xining, in the development of their own at the same time, Xining to build a more prosperous and better. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Ling)


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