Floating algae, mysterious black mesh…… In May 25th, a video CCTV Qinghai Lake for the first time opened the mysteries of the underwater world, show Huang fish living in the world to us.

in the depth of twenty meters of the lake, but to see a completely different picture — no one would have thought the sapphire water was the mysterious black grid. How did the irregular black mesh form? Experts speculate that these black grid may be the death of algae in Qinghai lake, plankton and other deposits formed in the bottom of the lake. In the black grid yellow place, Qinghai Lake is the most common diatom and mineralization elements, diatoms are the most important food fish huang.

in CCTV released video, we can see the underwater visibility is very good, this is because the Qinghai Lake water is mainly water injection, precipitation and underground springs, and the water quality is good, the water quality of Qinghai Lake is so good.

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