March 22nd, the provincial government held a press conference, the province will once again adjust the basic pension for enterprise retirees. According to the Ministry of human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Su Quanren introduced by the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of Finance approved, in March 20th, the provincial human resources and social security department, the finance department issued "on the province from January 1, 2015 to adjust the basic pension for enterprise retirees notice", for retirees of enterprises in our province from January 1, 2015 to adjust to improve the basic pension benefits. Adjusted to 10.3%. The adjustment is in our province since 2005 eleventh even, our province enterprise retirees pension so greatly improved, the per capita monthly basic pension increased from 935 yuan in 2005 to 2910 yuan after adjustment this year, ranked first in the northwest region, ranked fourth in the nation. Adjustment range:
retirees of enterprises in our province according to the introduction, the adjustment range for the enterprises in our province, the basic pension insurance, in December 31, 2014 have been required for retirement (post) procedures, the monthly basic pension for enterprise retirees (vocational) personnel, and in accordance with the green, 2003 No. 133, Qinghai the office of human resources and issued 2010 Document No. 191 provisions in the basic old-age insurance, the monthly basic pension of personnel. The overall adjustment level /

and two requirements are basically the same, mainly take the quota adjustment, hook adjustment and proper tilt combined approach, considering the difficult areas of adjustment. The overall level of adjustment reached 267 yuan per month, of which: the quota adjustment of $37, hook adjustment of $137, tilt adjustment of $23, taking into account the adjustment of difficult regional factors of $70. Is calculated as follows:

– quota adjustment: enterprise retirees increased 37 yuan per person per month.

– hook adjustment. In accordance with the requirements of the country, the province’s hook adjustment has two: first, the implementation of the payment period adjustment, adjustment methods and standards consistent with last year. The payment period (including the deemed payment period, excluding the conversion service) less than 15 years (including 15 years), and in accordance with the Green Office 2003 Document No. 133, the youth club hall 2010 issued document No. 191 stipulated in the basic old-age insurance and enjoy the benefits of personnel quota, payment period is calculated according to 15 years increased 60 yuan per person per month. Payment period of 15 years or more, the payment period increased by more than $4 over the past 1 years. Two is the implementation of the pension level adjustment, that is, according to retirees in December 2014 the basic pension increased by 1%, the basic pension is lower than the provincial average, according to the province’s average level as the base.

– tilt adjustment. Including the following four aspects: one is to notify the Ministry of labor and personnel "on the old workers retirement benefits to work before the founding of the" (labor insurance 1983 No. 3) the old workers in revolutionary work regulations before the founding of the PRC, additional 100 yuan per person per month. Two in December 2014, 31;

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