in accordance with the arrangement of the higher authorities on the effectiveness of the construction work, in June 21st, the North District Environmental Protection Bureau held a special meeting on the construction of administrative efficiency, on the progress of the work of this year to carry out supervision and deployment.
will affirm the first half of the year to carry out a series of very fruitful administrative efficiency building activities, such as carrying out environmental information disclosure work, produced 2 pieces of information publicity column, open the main responsibilities, construction project approval process, the approval process, five industry system and sewage charges fees and Bureau staff photos such as "administrative fees; and will permit" No. (1009), "Qinghai province fine confiscation of property permits" green card penalty card (6314016) and environmental protection 110 telephone complaints publicity to the public, the procedures of open, penalty matters clear; in order to facilitate more supervision by the masses, making convenience public service card telephone, in the 6 – 5 World Environment Day "and other promotional activities in the establishment of Japan issued to the scene of the masses, and to the global staff made environmental enforcement work hanging Card, printed with each staff photos, and number of environmental administrative law enforcement personnel behavior standards, requirements of global staff in the working days and daily on-site enforcement or inspections must be worn at any time, to accept supervision by the masses.
meeting of the administrative efficiency and the establishment of the programme of work efficiency construction leading group, developed the system of efficiency construction, arrangements for the deployment of the next phase of work.


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