2014, the province will be the depth of the development of ecological, leisure, sports, culture and other complex tourism products, and strive to break through 20 million visitors throughout the year, the total tourism revenue reached $20 billion. This is the reporter learned from the provincial government information.

just in the past year, the Provincial Tourism Bureau has invested 102 million yuan for the construction of the province’s key cultural tourism project, Menyuan youcaihua Cultural Tourism Festival, Jinyintan bicycle tourism festival activities held throughout the province, the province’s cultural tourism business integration development momentum, total tourism income of 15 billion 854 million yuan, an increase of 28.1%. Among them, 10 million 200 thousand tourists outside the province, for the first time exceeded 10 million passengers. Tourists per capita spending 890 yuan, an increase of $107 over the previous year.

at present, the province’s 60% 3A scenic spots above the implementation of cultural tourism integration projects. At the same time, set up a set of display, sales, live demonstrations in one of the performance and tourism characteristics of commodity areas. In order to accelerate the construction of a plateau tourism, this year our province will be the depth of the development of ecology, leisure, sports, culture and other composite products and tourism market cultivation in winter and spring, and the unique charm of tourism, promoting tourism to promote the transition to quality by the amount. To speed up the tourism infrastructure upgrading and comprehensive service ability construction, the establishment of the Xining Tourist Distribution Center, within two years to create 3 5A level scenic spots, tourists and tourism income and strive to further breakthrough refresh.


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