North District actively develop inner-party democracy, strengthen the work style of cadres, the closer party masses relations, to the "Four Combinations" and "four mechanisms" to implement the operation of public affairs work.
"four combination": one is the service and the district government center work together. Focus on the development of social undertakings North economic major decisions, decided to work deployment and implementation, hot and difficult issues of common concern and attention of the masses and the party affairs work into their daily work, promote public affairs work and constantly improve its legality, rationality, comprehensiveness, openness and fairness. Two is to carry out the party’s mass line. Through the implementation of public affairs, the major issues within the party and the decision public in a timely manner, to further mobilize the enthusiasm of Party members and cadres and the masses to participate in party affairs, enhance the transparency of party affairs, promote scientific and normative inner-party democracy and inner-party decision-making. Three is to strengthen the construction of clean government. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of Party members and the masses of entrepreneurial innovation, and strive to create a scientific development, harmonious development, accelerate the development of a good environment to ensure that party work in place in public. The four is closely combined with practice and the units and departments, strengthen democratic decision-making efforts and Party members and cadres to participate in decision-making efforts on major issues, to enable public work to all public, expanding the participation rate and the rate of awareness, to ensure that the work of the party in the sun.
"four mechanisms": one is to establish a linkage mechanism. Formed in the public affairs as the core, driven by the government, the village, home service, public service open pattern, so as to deepen the public, expand the breadth and the connotation of the public affairs; the two is the establishment of audit mechanism. Personnel invited party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, scientists and journalists regularly to attend the relevant meetings of the district government, the supervision of the District Committee and government power operation; three is the establishment of democratic appraisal mechanism. The democratic appraisal and year-end target responsibility evaluation, combined with the investigation in the year-end total annual evaluation model, the evaluation work consistently throughout the year, to ensure an objective and impartial evaluation results; four is the establishment of supervision mechanism. District Public Affairs leadership team regularly to the various units of public affairs work carried out supervision and inspection, by listening to the reports, the field of view, access to relevant data, for each unit of party affairs work put forward more specific and clear requirements, effectively promote the implementation of various tasks of party affairs work.


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