50 major industrial technological progress projects in our province. Involved in the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone of the park 33 projects, accounting for 2/3. To this end, the Development Zone Administrative Committee conducted a comprehensive deployment, and issued a circular calling for the park to accelerate the implementation of the Development Zone 33 provincial major industrial and technological progress projects. According to the specific arrangements for the deployment of the Development Zone, the park development zone will focus on the development of strategic emerging industries and upgrading traditional industries, energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of key technologies, to promote the implementation of the 33 major provincial industrial and technological progress project. After the completion of the project, the overall level of development of industrial development to further enhance the industry relevance and supporting capabilities to further enhance the innovation ability of the enterprises to further improve the economic and technical indicators, the main part of the enterprise to reach the domestic advanced level in the same industry and the world.

– the level of technical equipment in key industries increased significantly. Solar photovoltaic manufacturing, storage battery and lithium battery materials, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, modern coal chemical and natural gas chemical industry, woven Tibetan carpets and other projects of technical equipment reached the international advanced level; non-ferrous metal processing, characteristics of industry technology and equipment level and product quality, raw material consumption, energy consumption, water consumption, pollutant emissions and other economic and technical indicators have reached the domestic advanced level.

— further improvement of circular economy industrial chain. To form a complete industrial chain of silicon materials and photovoltaic, new coal chemical industry chain, aluminum and aluminum deep processing industry chain and industrial chain of lithium, textile and other characteristics of a relatively complete industrial chain, built an important domestic photovoltaic, nonferrous metal, aluminum processing, storage battery and lithium battery materials, carpet wool spinning industry base.

– the ability of independent innovation is significantly enhanced. Anode furnace gas recovery and purification, vertical axis wind turbine technology optimization and integration, a variety of features, such as the efficient extraction of natural resources, the development of the characteristics of the technical bottleneck has been an effective breakthrough.

– enterprise integration and reorganization achieved significant results. Accelerate the restructuring to promote the integration of solar photovoltaic manufacturing, Tibetan carpet, wool spinning, chromium iron alloy industry park, and other enterprises, to achieve industrial chain extension and industry depth of integration, the formation of 3-5 households more than 10 billion large-scale modern enterprise group. (author: Shi Fei)

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