Chinese sponsored by the IOC in 2015 twenty-ninth session of the Olympic Day run is scheduled for June 20th 9 in Beijing (the main venue), Zhangjiakou (main hall), Chengde, Yizheng, Hefei, Xiamen, Jiujiang, Haiyang, Yichang, Chengdu and Xining 11 city linkage and start around the community sports enthusiasts to participate in.

with the scale and impact of the activities of the growing community of Marathon activities attention more and more, this is to Natsu Doshi Chaanning, the Olympic spirit to the Qinghai Tibet plateau. Long activity will start in 20 days 9, starting from the Qinghai Sports Center South Plaza, 54 West Road, passing through the sea route, Haiyan Road, Peach Road back to the Qinghai Sports Center South Plaza, the route length of about 4 km.

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