Kyushu Prefecture, Japan 7.3 earthquake occurred, the province’s visitors to Japan also affects the hearts of many people. The reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, after careful statistics, each verification, as of 16 16, tourists in our province in Japan a total of 25 people, all from Qinghai Kang Hui international travel agency travel to Japan, the tourists are all safe.

it is understood that after the earthquake occurred in Kyushu, Japan, Qinghai Kang Hui international travel agency, the person in charge of the first contact with the tour guide in Japan, the tour guide in a timely manner through WeChat, and other family members reported peace. In addition, the reporter learned from the international travel agency, usually, organizations of our travel agency tourists to Japan, most tourist attractions in Northeast Osaka, Tokyo, Japan, Nagoya, the southern Kyushu area did not involve.

it is reported that after the earthquake, the Provincial Tourism Bureau immediately launched the emergency plan team went to Japan to travel to the province issued an emergency notice, outbound travel agency, quickly track Qinghai tourists travel safety situation in japan. Next, the Provincial Tourism Bureau will continue to follow up on the latest situation, and asked the delegation to implement security measures in Qinghai to go to Japan tour, timely adjustment of travel to Japan, to ensure the safety of tourists, the situation will continue to track verification.


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