in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, in the comments, held hearings to solicit opinions and suggestions based on the calculated repeatedly and carefully, according to the actual conditions of Xining municipal government submitted to the provincial government agreed to by the executive meeting of the municipal government, I will adjust the city on January 15, 2015 City taxi fares.
the price adjustment after the strict procedure for the provincial government agreed to implement the
the city taxi tariff adjustment to standard
– starting price: from the current 6 yuan /3 km adjusted to 8 yuan, the price range of 33.33% /3 km.
– operating waiting time fee: taxi speed at 12 km / hour below (including 12 km / h), the meter set automatically generated "when operating fee", according to the 20% charge per kilometer freight, from the original 0.26 yuan / minute adjusted to 0.32 yuan / minute; the peak period of operation (daily 17:00 20:00) according to the 30% charge per kilometer rate, namely 0.48 yuan / minute".
– Pricing: mileage sub denominated standards from the "10 km mileage within (including 10 km), 1.3 yuan per kilometer charge, more than 10 km 1.95 yuan per kilometer charge" to "within 10 km mileage (10 km), 1.6 yuan per kilometer charge, more than 10 kilometers charging 2.4 yuan per kilometer". Subsidies for
bianxiangzhangjia prohibited ride prices to ease the taxi operating costs improve the impact to the city taxi industry, to ensure social stability, and reduce the burden on taxi operators, promote the city taxi;

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