the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, in order to transfer the love and warmth to frontline staff and community poverty family, jointly organized by the newspaper and Saiqixi cake "warm autumn" public welfare activities, officially launched today.

in the beautiful and clean city, we enjoy the joy of life, the busy work, the happiness of learning. However, behind the city beautiful environment, is the city beautician who have silently. In the scorching sun of summer, they insist on cleaning up the road garbage, but also clean and fresh road; in the cold winter, but also they seriously clean the streets, to add some warmth to the road. In the Mid Autumn Festival, those front-line sanitation workers are still busy. In order to make the traffic order and orderly, front-line police to give up and family reunion, busy in all important sections of the road. When we are enjoying the good times of the festival, the poor community residents, the children of the Social Welfare Institute and the children of the poor primary school, they can have the moon cake to eat?

in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, will provide 500 copies of Saiqixi cake by the cake for special groups, for social welfare, line sanitation workers, community households, traffic police, poor primary school love and blessing. Trickle into the sea, I believe you love me, will be able to warm the hearts of people. (author: Yan Zhuo)

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