Even on earth, xiadou decorated, firecrackers, people smile with red lanterns high streets and back lanes filled with blessings, and red banners hanging, the festive atmosphere was most incisive. The year of monkey, the citizens of each face filled with joy and happiness in the new year when we rejoice in the evening "go grassroots year when reporters found that as the city’s economic and social development, we have the traditional festival of the way a lot of gratifying new changes.

flower lamp, new year. The Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival lantern exhibition is an important part of Xining City, two cultural activities, over the years by the people of all ethnic groups in the city of love, I have become the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival people’s cultural life an indispensable visual feast. Different shapes of the lantern has ornamental taste and can reflect the cultural quality of the city, through the elaborate exhibit, to create a happy, happy, happy and peaceful atmosphere of traditional festivals.

in Chaoyang Road north area of the square, a huge "golden monkey fortune" attracted a lot of people stop to watch lanterns. Under the lantern is also an ingenious way to connect the bicycle generator, as long as there are people riding bicycles, there will be more lights on the lights on the lights, so that the children have fun.

"drill a Longmen new year is not a headache" in the East District of the road, stood the largest province of Longmen, every day there are many people gathered in this drill Longmen, there are also people choose Longmen closer to home, such as the five fork in the road, bridge, cross street, drilling of Longmen no matter where everybody is the joy of life for yourself this year.

side is normal cheap vegetables: Turnip 2.5 yuan per kilogram, 17 yuan per catty peas and crab jade mushroom 15 yuan per catty, Jiuhuang 30 yuan per kilogram, the other side is the Xining municipal government;

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