is to create a clean and beautiful New District, East District in the basis of three-dimensional long-term cleaning measures, pay attention to check the problems and solve problems, comprehensively implement, make the establishment of the work achieved remarkable results.

site office and solve problems of South Avenue for environmental health did not lead to the transfer of the dirty, disorderly and poor, do site bus was taken over by the District Urban Management Bureau, completely solve the problem of the road extension of Golog; environmental health issues, the scene took daily cleaning scheme.

does not regularly joint law enforcement strict penalties for Sanming, Binhe Road market and Binhe Road difficult area, take regular joint inspection of law enforcement, strict penalties measures, the effect is obvious.

soldiers and civilians to work do play the advantages of the army to build Wei Jian, joint area of more than 100 soldiers to carry out large-scale environmental remediation activities, such as focus on remediation of environmental health rhyme ieguchi area recently, river garbage and key areas to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of garbage.

phase promoting energy mobilization meeting to ensure that health outcomes do not rebound, the situation is not held regularly according to the establishment of the mobilization of the general assembly, will be built in the Wei problems are concentrated criticism, starting incentive measures to supervise the implementation of the rectification.

and in the area to solve problems, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and play in the eastern central, provincial and municipal units, with each unit to rectification of the Wei Jian hotspot, such as District Patriotic Sanitation teamed up with the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the focus on the road, in a village in the Village Lane, two lane in the village in three, Zhuang Xiang series of problems.

supervision and regulation of the market to protect the health of the market – the implementation of long-term supervision and inspection mechanism on the market management, the problem of the existence of periodic notification, ordered deadline for rectification.

County Leading contact point for the remediation difficult problem — Wei Jian work does not stay dead, give full play to the district leadership at the county level with Wei Jian difficult supervision regulation mechanism, antithetical couplet unit (area of responsibility) are key and difficult problems of on-site supervision, significant effect. (reporter got a boat)



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