days ago, West Traffic Police Brigade won the national agricultural machinery advanced unit awards.

according to the Ministry of communications, the "notice" on the combine harvester and other agricultural operation across the west of the city traffic police brigade spirit, serious arrangement, careful deployment of agricultural machinery in the west area of the vehicle traffic safety work. In order to enable the smooth operation of the cross regional joint harvester, the development of modern agriculture and promote the building of a new socialist countryside, the west traffic police brigade to develop the work of the implementation of agricultural vehicle safety through the West area. According to the agricultural vehicle fleet, vehicle width, traffic slow speed characteristics of the west, the traffic police brigade police organization, which based on the combine of agricultural machinery, vehicle road intersection, police traffic control or diversion of part of the vehicle, to ensure that the focus of the passage of vehicles, provide a guarantee for the summer harvest in autumn. In March this year by the national kuaqujishou work leading group as advanced units. (author: Jianguo)


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