In the mass line of educational practice in Xining city to carry out a comprehensive "bright identity, the tree image, for example" as the theme of the working party members into the community activities, 21095 working party members into the community, through the "order" and "twinning" and "expertise" and "team" four ways to carry out diversification the service activities, the members of the "root" deeply rooted in the masses, so that the construction of grass-roots party organizations "live" service, the big stage small community into a working party to practice the mass line "".

"order" to meet people "micro aspiration". Body sink down, style tree up, up to now, 71 West Road community to collect the 65 micro wish all Party members are claimed. Long Thai community for each serving party members to establish a love savings passbook, serving party members to serve the masses of each piece of work into the corresponding scores, according to the recognition of the award in the past quarter of the incumbent party members. "Twinning" to build a "heart bridge"". Activities to help needy people as an important part of the work of Party members into the community, the organization of Party members into the community, one to one pair of households, the initiative came to recognize relatives". Up to now, the majority of the working party members and the community to help the masses formed 4092 pairs of help, for the community to do the real thing of the masses of the 1303, helping funds and helping materials equivalent to a total of RMB 516 thousand yuan. Expertise to create personalized service". The working party members into the community usually concentrated in the organs at all levels and all kinds of enterprises in the backbone of the configuration to the grassroots level, to strengthen the foundation of the basic forces, in accordance with the principle of easy to play the role of the masses, required for Party members to wish docking, to carry out targeted service activities. "Team type" claiming voluntary service responsibility field". For some members of the party claiming the difficulty of micro aspiration, the community to implement a group of claims, the organization of the party members of the composition of professional volunteer service team, according to the community arrangements, volunteers".


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