"Today, we gather here to celebrate the twenty-eighth teachers’ day, on behalf of the city Party committee, the District People’s government to make painstaking efforts and hard work in education in the fertile soil of the gardeners greetings and sincere wishes……" September 8th, the City District Committee, deputy mayor Guo Qinghua said in the area of primary and secondary school principals association. Reporters learned that, in the twenty-eighth teacher’s Day approaching, the provincial city held a series of celebrations.

"teacher’s Day approaching, the city belonged to the school combined with the actual school, carry out to highlight the distinctive series of celebration activities. Through various activities, to cultivate students to respect teachers, love their thoughts and feelings, enhance the friendship between teachers and students, to stimulate students to teachers of gratitude, to establish an equal, harmonious and happy relationship between teachers and students." The director of the District Education Bureau Xu Jie introduction, this series of activities, closely linked to the "loyalty to the party’s education, the theme of striving teaching model", and fully promote the noble morality of teachers in the new period, to create a good atmosphere of respecting the.  

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