with the beginning of economic reform, the economic transformation of enterprises is inevitable. In order to better adapt to the development needs of the market, the development of local enterprises in Chengdu, but also put forward a series of new requirements. Accurately formulate the relevant planning and action plan measures to effectively promote industrial upgrading in Chengdu.

seven planning

Chengdu, a total of seven through the consideration of the "2025 planning": Chengdu manufacturing, international urban construction, ecological civilization, the development of service industry, urban and rural areas, innovative urban construction, urban construction

ten action plan

to achieve in the next ten years of service plan, Chengdu will build international shopping paradise, the world tourism destination city, international city, delicacy international hub, "Tianfu venture", International Exhibition City, cultural and creative city, international sports city, "Internet plus" action, financial innovation action

7 the morning of 1 August 10, Chengdu Zhongche Locomotive Co., the new factory production line fires spread, automatic welding machine to start slowly, the core vehicle in Chengdu rail transit Industrial Park Part officially put into operation on this day. Here, "made in Chengdu" Metro Line 7 A Aluminum Alloy subway train has started trial, will achieve the prototype line and batch delivery within the year.

"made in Chengdu", is becoming the food, giant pandas and other labels, another hot card. In March 1st this year, the "Chengdu 2025 plan" officially released, the "planning" fully spread the development blueprint for the next 10 years of Chengdu manufacturing: by 2025, the whole industry’s main business revenue reached 4 trillion yuan, into the sub provincial city first phalanx overall scale, comprehensive strength ranks into the national manufacturing industry strong city.

reporter learned, including "Chengdu 2025 plan", Chengdu examined a total of seven "2025 plan": the internationalization of city construction, the construction of ecological civilization, the development of service industry, urban and rural, Chengdu manufacturing, innovative city construction, urban poverty. Two of them are closely related to the development of the industry – Chengdu manufacturing 2025 planning, service development plan of the 2025.

construction of National Central City, the industry is bound to be the foundation. Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone, the economic corridor of Chengdu and Chongqing, Chengdu Chongqing city group is the western section of the central uplift, western "industrial Himalaya" momentum sheng.

Chengdu is moving toward a strong international competitiveness of the central and western advanced manufacturing leading cities and high-end service functions to gather the core city of the country’s service industry launched a fierce sprint.

exit from the "new" building: from "made in Chengdu recommended

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