generally in the hearts of the impression of fast food is unhealthy, because most of the market definition of fast food is high oil, high salt and high sugar foods, not to eat. And a large number of artificial additives. Eat is not conducive to good health and taste. But the speed is very fast, in line with the needs of modern work and life rhythm. Many people forced to choose fast food restaurants to solve the problem of eating.

eighteen spicy fish were effective supplement of the existing cuisine category, while the traditional cuisine and modern fast-food culture combination, Sichuan, Xinjiang will be the two dishes taste, a high degree of recognition by the people’s favorite cuisine category for rapid large-scale replication in the premise of attention under the taste and the internationalization, let more people understand and regional enjoy the delicacy fast-food Chinese manufacturing.

eighteen fast food franchise preferred

spicy fish

eighteen spicy fish details to join

Beijing eighteen Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2016, is a professional R & D, production, sales as one of the merchants, the food and beverage service as the leading industry, has its own brand, the integration of the Internet genes are Internet plus restaurant chain.

company is committed to cultivating small and medium-sized catering project chain operators in the field, have very rich experience in project management and strategic echelon personnel. In respect of the broad and profound traditional catering culture based on modern dietary elements, combined with the chef have great originality of innovation and research, introduced to the public around the taste quality of Sichuan Chongqing, Xinjiang delicacy. Adhering to the tenet of "quality and tradition", the group takes "food safety" as the foundation of the enterprise life, adheres to the business philosophy of "quality is the king", and provides the high-quality service for the franchisee.

The company currently has

management center, brand center, direct marketing center, marketing center, operations center and logistics center six system, under the product technology department, human resources department, public relations, direct market division, joined the Department, joined the service department, engineering maintenance department of the Ministry of information network core departments and large logistics and distribution base, formed from the product development, project development, brand packaging, marketing planning, direct operation, investment chain, franchise chain terminal guidance until profitability success of the whole industry chain service capabilities.

company’s core management team has more than 20 years of food and beverage industry to join the chain operation and product development experience, to provide a solid and strong foundation for partners and rapid replication of convenient access. Eighteen spicy fish is different from the traditional restaurant complex, even without any dining experience to join the headquarters can also pass through the professional system of "hand in hand" teaching learn easily. Bubble instant noodles technology, five star restaurant taste, which has become one of the reasons why many franchisees respected. >

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