China’s population aging is accelerating, in the next period of time, China’s aging population. In the face of the huge population base, the pension industry is urgently needed. This time, the Jiangsu listed companies to build the pension industry, the pension industry is in an orderly manner, will create a pension real estate + pension services + pension financial industry chain, the details of the following together to understand.

reporter learned that in April this year, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance and the Jinling Hotel Group jointly set up a pension industry investment fund established in Jiangsu Province in Nanjing. The fund is the first provincial pension fund industry in Jiangsu Province, but also one of the earliest established pension industry fund.

listed companies to build pension industry pension fund industry in Jiangsu province

reporter access to the 2015 annual report of the Jinling Hotel in Jiangsu County of Xuyi see: the company invested in the development of "Jinling Tianquan Lake Tourism Ecological Park", consists of three core areas of International Conference on health resort area, pension culture area, the original ecological low density residential areas, the planning area of 1269 mu, building area of 260 thousand square meters, 2015 operating income of 7 million 143 thousand and 900 yuan.

by telephone interview, the reporter learned that the company is responsible for the Lakeside Hotel and part of the health care pension apartment business. Currently Jinling villa and rose garden apartment has completed a period of acceptance. The company through the development of Xuyi Tianquan Lake project to expand the tourism business and approved as a provincial tourism resort in the first, the future is expected to cover the pan Nanjing Eco Resort area and pension and health market.

interviewed the China Merchants Securities (600999, shares) researcher said, with the Jinling Resort and rose garden project have been completed, construction of facilities and services, relying on the natural scenic environment and supporting resources endowment, the strategic layout of the Jinling Hotel Pension industry is very clear, the company will build a pension pension service pension + financial + real estate full industrial chain.

reporter learned that the Jinling Hotel build pension industry is no longer individual combat, Jiangsu province has a number of listed companies began the layout of the pension industry, such as Phoenix shares (600716 shares), Metro holdings. Phoenix shares that the company will seize the opportunity to further development of the pension industry, concentrate on build quality retirement community, establish a good brand and a benchmark in the industry, and gradually improve all aspects of health pension industry, implementation of health care, pension and health resort, a field of coordinated development, so as to establish a new profit growth point and the first competition the advantages, and strive to become the industry leader. In 2016 the company’s first pension real estate projects — Yixing Yi ran home will officially open the exhibition and sale.

it is reported that listed companies to expand the pension industry has also been strongly supported by Jiangsu. In April this year recommended

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