a lot of young people have entrepreneurial ideas but just stay in the concept stage, due to the capital, experience and other factors have given up, while a small woman has no business experience brave to go on the road of entrepreneurship, here is her pioneering readme:

in the blink of an eye, also graduated from the University for four years, has not been in love with nine to five of my life, with not high not low wages, a commom;cynical life, calm even the slightest waves rippling also can not afford to. So I came up with the idea that I wanted to start my own business, even after this idea came out. No money, no background, no experience, I’m such a "no" personnel, take what to start


then to the family borrowed 30 thousand yuan, in 15 days of entrepreneurship training, I was away from the kitchen, think technology is the most difficult one, cooking ah cooking, but I did not expect is the flow of operations can be changed Pork Chop fine so far, mostly semi-finished form, let small woman training second days can be independent to get started, and in 3 minutes. On the table, to get hands-on teaching teachers a good after an immensely proud of.

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