sugar cakes, in our life, almost all consumers are very love the delicacy. Shanghai Tang Bingjia come out, not only to meet consumer demand for the delicacy, at the same time, Bingjia Tang joined the Shanghai project, still very has the advantage of choice!

Shanghai Tang Bingjia can join? How to join? Bingjia Shanghai Tang is an operating snack dessert franchise, Tang Bingjia snacks, delicious, healthy, delicious and enjoy a lot of series, multiple tongue surprise consumers. Tang Bingjia joined a one-stop business, classical flavor, health and nutrition, to meet market demand, in order to more areas of consumer welfare, Shanghai Tang Bingjia is Hotline for Business Promotion, headquarters to provide professional guidance and support, to allow investors to start fast, easy profit


Shanghai Tang Bingjia can join? How to join


Shanghai Tang Bingjia can join? How to join? Bingjia joined Shanghai Tang process:

1, consulting to understand

call headquarters to join the phone or log on to the official website to understand.

2, field investigation

to carry my ID card to the company site visits, visits, negotiations, to understand the specific issues of project cooperation.

3, apply for

Shanghai Tang Bingjia can join? How to join? If it is determined to join the Tang Bingjia, Tang Bingjia and comply with the join conditions, can apply to the headquarters, the headquarters for the audit.

4, signed a contract

Tang Bingjia headquarter and the franchisee both sides confirmed the investigation results no doubt, officially signed a cooperation contract.


, shop location

Shanghai Tang Bingjia can join? How to join? Evaluation and selection, guide the correct location, if necessary, sent people to go to the local investigation.

6, shop decoration

after the signing of the contract, the headquarters to send special personnel free of charge for the franchisee to provide decorative design, and timely implementation.

7, headquarters training

company and the store to carry out a number of professional training courses, franchisees need to arrange the relevant personnel to the company for training.


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