although everyone in the early stages of the shop is a very good expectations, however, only when the real business has been developed, and all will find themselves and not the same. I have opened a small supermarket in an economic development zone, a large area of 400 square meters, up and down the floor of the layer of 2. The annual rent 32W, is now open for 4 months, we had expected performance will start at around 15000, because my shop now is the largest scale, the grade of the decoration is also very good, the market positioning is upstream. So what is the quality of the goods do better, a total investment of 120W.

but now down, the performance of the supermarket is expected to be too large, only the preservation of the situation. And the traffic is not enough, we have a total of 5 minutes around a total of 16000 people, but our passenger flow is only 1/30, commodity prices are very low, and do a lot of promotions, but also members. Now is more trouble, turnover is not up. Please the veteran pointing pointing, thank you brother!

the main symptoms of large scale good why customers to less

The main flavor prescription

leaned off to low down, don’t want to go to

open the door is to make money

customers do not really bother

low price promotions without gravity

peers who can tell us


I see this problem, did not see the problem, the supermarket location is good, around the crowd is very large, coupled with the internal environment of the decoration can be, of course I goods are also doing not have what problem, but this is not much to the surrounding customers, why will appear this problem and began to master expected which is very different. Since where we first see Tibet that good, I want to share a simple reasoning method, we do not believe that there are so many successful supermarket mature experience, we can find out the problem.

first of all, we give you a question, that is what customers like the most. Of course, customers like the best quality, low prices, more and more goods, large selection of supermarket shopping. Colleagues meso above this problem, it accords with the above points, the commodity price is not high, often engage in promotions, but also the surrounding a single large supermarket, this is the first problem that no hiding in the supermarket, the basic approach is correct.

then we continue to ask second questions. What is the most popular place for customers to shop. This is a simple answer to the question, that is, customers like to clean the environment, better decoration, as well as to give care

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