world, Nothing is too strange., life every day will be a lot of people feel very surprise, the next thing to say, but is very fantastic, a man found treasure in the sea dog.

on the beach to see the stone may be hidden. British North Welles a dog owner earlier in the sea when the dog, the dog found a smelly rocks, but he later discovered the "rotten stone", was a valuable "ambergris". Now he has put up for auction ambergris.

according to reports, the day before the dog owners to walk with the dog, Angell island shore. After the dog found a long 20 cm, width of 15 cm, weighing about 1.18 kg of smelly stone after leaving.

the dog’s owner found abnormal, picked up the "rotten stone" observation, found the stone stone than it is light, soft and smooth, then go home to search on the Internet, suspected "rotten stone" is ambergris, then give an expert.

by experts to determine the "rotten stone" is really ambergris, is expected to float for decades in the sea, after the dog owners decided to auction it, the price equivalent to up to nearly 66 thousand yuan.

see this news, is in fact tell us one thing: that is to timely pay attention to some new things around there, there may be very strange that perhaps, this man is an example.


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