first_imgKROOS (30 years, contract until 2023)It renewed last summer and its continuity is not discussed at the Bernabéu, but its feeling he lived better times with Zizou. Marseille replaced him in the derby and did not line him up against City …MODRIC (34 years, contract until 2021)Madrid had him, before the crisis, on his to-do list. The Croatian’s age (34 years old), who wanted to leave in 2018 and that Valverde has taken away from him, keys.ISCO (27 years, contract until 2022)Every year is a new adventure for Malaga. As long as Zidane remains attached to 4-4-2 as a resource, he seems to have a hole. That’s where Isco from the Cardiff and Kiev finals arrived.JAMES (28 years old, contract until 2021)His has been a failed return. For Zidane it does not count and the white entity is between the sword and the wall: either he manages to sell the Colombian this summer or he will leave in 2021 for free … CEBALLOS (23 years old, contract until 2023)For Zidane it is expendable and the utrerano asked to leave on loan to Arsenal to play the Eurocup. With the postponement to 2021, it is in the same … Except for surprise, it will not pass the sieve.ODEGAARD ​​(21 years old, contract until 2023)It will be one of the new faces in 2020-21, as reported by AS. Madrid sees him prepared and although there was initially a pact for him to continue a second year at Real, he will return.KUBO (18 years old, contract until 2025)His year at Mallorca has been as expected for an 18-year-old rookie: with matches he has gone further. Madrid likes what it sees, but the feeling is that it must continue to burn.ÓSCAR RODRÍGUEZ (21 years old, contract until 2023)His cache has exploded this second year on loan at Leganés (seven goals). He has ‘girlfriends’ in the market. The fact that there is no preseason to use damages your options in Madrid.REINIER (18 years, contract until 2026)This break helps him to rest because he came from Brazil without having a vacation. In principle, the current formula will be maintained: Castilla and progressive integration in the first team.Many pieces in the offensive networkBALE (30 years, contract until 2022)It will be the great puzzle of the summer. Zidane wants him to leave, the club assumes that it will cost horrors to sell him and the Welshman will face his departure. The situation is a time bomb …LUCAS VÁZQUEZ (28 years, contract until 2021)One of the pending points of the entity. They have not called him to renew (he only has one more campaign) and Madrid seems ready to turn the page with the Galician youth squad.BRAHIM (20 years, contract until 2025)You will need to rethink the next step in your career. The club tried to find him a loan in January, but the Malaga native resisted. Zidane likes it, but there are others he likes more …HAZARD (29 years old, contract until 2024)“I will be judged for my sophomore year,” he said last week, stung by his pride. The club’s priority is to recover without ankle sequelae. It will be a brand new crack.VINICIUS (19 years, contract until 2025)The pandemic slowed him down as he was settling in for ownership. However, he will not start from scratch: Madrid will not listen to offers for him and the Brazilian gradually seduces his coach.ASENSIO (24 years, contract until 2023)He is ready to be a ‘signing’ of the 2020-21 after spending a year blank due to injury. I was about to play again before the break. Untouchable and hungry left-handed.RODRYGO (19 years old, contract until 2025)Madrid considers him a strategic signing and is confident in his future. He has a guaranteed place in the first squad and if Bale and Lucas Vázquez come out, even more holes to grow.BENZEMA (32 years, contract until 2022)He is and will be the benchmark of Zidane’s Madrid: this same season he extended his bond one more year. Future candidates like Haaland will not change their privileged role. ACHRAF (21 years, contract until 2021)Along with Odegaard, the loan that has grown the most in Madrid’s eyes. The problem? To return he wants to play assiduously and he also has to renew … Zidane has to convince him.RAMOS (34 years, contract until 2021)This week he turned 34 with his future in the air. Contract ends in 2021, the club intends to extend him one more year but the captain would like to sign two and retire at Madrid.VARANE (26 years, contract until 2022)One of the immovable players for Zidane. Along with Benzema, heavyweights from the French nucleus. It will not only continue, it is one of those that enters the policy of upcoming renewals.MILITAO (22 years old, contract until 2025)The central 50M € and the irregularity in his first year of white. It is part of the Brazilianization of Madrid and its status is not altered. You still have confidence.NACHO (30 years, contract until 2022)It has naturally led to the arrival of Militao. He is a Zizou soldier (he went to celebrate his goal in Valladolid with the Marseillaise), exemplary youth squad, extinguishes fires and has no intention of leaving.VALLEJO (23 years old, contract until 2022)Another who has been caught stopping by redirecting. The loan to the Wolves was a fiasco and Granada was his redemption. It is the fifth central: if there is no exit in that area, there is no gap.MARCELO (31 years old, contract until 2022)He wants to continue despite having lost his status as an indisputable left back. His personal relationship with Zizou, being second captain and his life in Madrid push him to stay.MENDY (24 years old, contract until 2025)He is essential for his coach because this year he was the only left back with purely defensive skills. Neither Achraf nor Reguilón seem to threaten their space on campus.REGUILÓN (23 years old, contract until 2023)One of those who has best squeezed his loan. Key in the Seville of Lopetegui, it is young and it is listed. Madrid have faith in him, but Zidane has been more lukewarm and there is overbooking in the position … Achraf, with Borussia.Getty Images In addition to deciding what is needed, both Zidane As the Real Madrid They have to make decisions about which players are expendable in the next project. They have 37 footballers under contract (26 on the roster and eleven on loan) and must discard twelve to cover the space of 25, maximum.This is the situation of the 37 footballers about which Zizou must decide between next season …A goal with a clear ownerCOURTOIS (27 years, contract until 2024)Madrid’s goal is his and will continue to be so. The entity’s only concern is to see who is number two in the hierarchy under the sticks. The Belgian is going from less to more.AREOLA (27 years, contract until 2020)Before the pandemic, PSG was looking for a goalkeeper and that left the option of continuing in Chamartín on a tray after finishing his loan on June 30. Zidane would do well to keep it.LUNIN (21 years old, contract until 2024)An unknown, because it does not manage to have the slightest continuity. He hardly played on his loan at Leganés and neither at Valladolid. He went in January to Oviedo … and now it has suffered the break.LUCA ZIDANE (21 years, contract until 2020)Loaned in the Racing Santander, where he has had prominence, ends contract and looks at France. “I would like to direct my career there next year,” he recently said in L’Èquipe.A defense with a lot of left backCARVAJAL (28 years, contract until 2022)He is one of the captains in pectore. His future is more than assured and he will be one of the next to go through the negotiating table to renew because he only has a contract until 2022.ODRIOZOLA (24 years, contract until 2024)He is not in tune with Zidane and his transfer to Bayern was significant, but in Munich he has had no time or options to claim. Achraf’s great year puts him in check … A core with transfers that ask for passage …CASEMIRO (28 years old, contract until 2023)Zidane considers you as essential as the air you breathe. With Case, the only concern that Madrid has is how to find a natural replacement that gives it breaks.VALVERDE (21 years, contract until 2025)The epicenter of the future center of the Madrid field. It has a € 800M clause and has managed to get Zidane to forget about Pogba at times. The little bird will continue to fly. Bale and James.CHEMA DIAZ Mariano scored in the Clásico.JAVIER GANDUL JOVIC (22 years old, contract until 2025)His controversial escapade to Belgrade in the middle of the quarantine has ended a disappointing first year and creates doubts about his personality. Chelsea and Tottenham are on the lookout just in case.MARIANO (26 years old, contract until 2023)Unalterable despite being again the least used by his coach, he scored in the Classic, he does not want to leave and his salary is now an even greater drag (€ 4M). The Groundhog Day.MAYORAL (22 years, contract until 2021)He has served in Levante (six goals) but in Madrid there are no more nines. On his return, he will have to decide what he does with his future. You only have one more year left on your contract.last_img

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