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in the development of the living standards of residents increased significantly, as the urbanization is coming, the city’s population is more and more, many of the developers in order to reap more benefits, not willing to pay big bucks to buy land in the city, the building of their own shopping malls. 7 all the land into the wave number stage, the third day of the Nanjing land auction online hot still, the auction of the land mass once again entered the fast wave phase 6. Land auction for the Nanjing area, and the following Xiaobian together to understand.

today (September 21st) 6 plots from the auction, starting price, less than 1 minutes, they entered Xianfang sales confirmation stage, 2 minutes directly to the highest price, entered Yaohao stage. The Dragon Lake area 4 plots, in today’s auction particularly eye-catching, the highest floor price of G54 land auction, housing prices up to 64, up to the 81 round, the highest price of 1 billion 600 million yuan, the floor price of 19866.5 yuan / square meters. The other 3 plots were 46, 43, and 40 for.

Nanjing in the face of high land prices, we are the future of Nanjing as can be imagined, the prices will skyrocket, want to buy your buddy only slide, the speed of money really is not ah! At the same time, insiders told reporters, as the Nanjing Jiulong Lake Lake scarce resources, has nearly one and a half years no new launched plots, the 4 sites were fighting is expected to do. 4 plots in the 19 thousand highest price close to 20 thousand yuan / square meters. At present, surrounding the sale of Ping Cheng Park project, priced at about 26 thousand yuan / square meters to 28 thousand yuan / square meters, poly Central Park price close to 30 thousand yuan / square meters, Vanke Emerald Park, the next batch of listings in the estimated price of 30 thousand yuan / square meters above.

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