entrepreneurship needs methods, but also need to create a congenital condition, we have to admit that some people are born with the potential for entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs have some of the same qualities that you would have if you had any signs of success.

in your grades hovering around 70 points

entrepreneurs must be first-class team workers, especially to focus on the team’s victory, rather than personal fame. Do team work in school, if you often can not ask how much, inspire everyone in their best contribution, achieve great results, then you will be in the business, have a very useful team leadership.

you swim will stall business very good

in the garden

garden will stall to sell things, is a work of the students in Taiwan, the closest business. Prior to the first day to predict the preferences of students and parents, prepare materials, the day to sell the product as far as possible, recycling costs and profits.   as long as there is a link in the middle of errors, such as the wrong product, the wrong price, too much inventory preparation, lack of manpower to attend the booth…  , etc., will result in the loss of the whole class. Difficult to do business, but a student to his innate sense of smell, in the garden will lead the class to shine, it is likely that very few born businessman.

both   Google, Facebook,   YouTube, WhatsApp, AirBnB  or   Uber, modern entrepreneurs tend to be "altruistic" starting from the first, for users to create.

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