by virtue of their own labor to make money is not what a shame, students are no exception, at present, in Xinjiang may be everywhere one called "Wu Zi Gu" cold noodle shop, the cold noodle shop opened two more stores in Xinjiang has reached more than 200. So fast growth, also let a lot of people on the "cold noodle shop owner Wu Zi Gu" is interested in. But who would have thought that the full reputation in Xinjiang chain store owner MEKKHALA in? Xirefu was a 80 College students.

MEKKHALA? After Xirefu like other college students experienced a loss, confusion, by virtue of their unremitting efforts, friends and family in the encouragement, in March 2008 opened a cold noodle shop, and registered the "cold noodle Wu Zi Gu" trademark to the State Administration for Industry and commerce. With the expansion of fame and influence, at present only Xinjiang franchise chain stores reached more than 200 meters, Karamay? Xirefu year profit of more than 50 yuan. Next, she wants to own "Wu Zi Gu" cold noodle to the country, let more people enjoy this delicious, more jobs.

when MEKKHALA? Xirefu, home life was quite difficult, by the mother to sell dried fruit for a living. In July 1999, according to the West Fu MEKKHALA? Heat was admitted to the Xinjiang Tarim University horticulture, due to family poverty, she only paid the tuition for one year, or borrow, owe school tuition for 4 years. As for the cost of living, according to the Xirefu MEKKHALA? The use of spare time to work, earn a small business, did not reach out to the home for a penny.

MEKKHALA by Xirefu? The first job after graduation to find the supermarket clerk, a monthly income of only 600 yuan, not enough to maintain their livelihood. After half a year, according to the Xirefu MEKKHALA? Regardless of the family discouraged quit the supermarket, with their own real estate license mortgage loans 30 thousand yuan, decided to start his own business, opened a 25 square meters of small restaurants. Shortly after the opening of the restaurant, there were many guests.

because the restaurant is too small, no seat, another wave of customers, but disappointed. After a few disappointments, many customers are reluctant to come back. Then, according to the Xirefu MEKKHALA? Turn off the small restaurant, also rented a 80 square meters of the facade, expand the scale of the restaurant. However, because the hired chef is not ideal, the restaurant every day to make ends meet. This lasted for 1 years, according to the Xirefu MEKKHALA? The restaurant had to reluctantly transfer out.

with the catering business dream, MEKKHALA in? Xirefu in a friend’s recommendation, start with marketing. Two years of marketing career, so that she has accumulated a wealth of social experience, know how to create

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