Yangzhou is an outstanding people, rich place, such a good place not less natural delicacy. Jiangsu Long Yang buns, the former "Yangzhou soup" was born in the family of Yangzhou Fuchun refreshments. In 2003 opened the first "Long Yang Yangzhou dumplings shop in Shanghai downtown section of Longhua. Early Yang steamed stuffed buns to join the classic heritage, unique taste. The whole store output, full support, direct supply of materials, business worry free. So early Yang steamed stuffed bun how to join?

Yang buns join what? Join the early sun steamed fried rice, pork ribs soup series. Joe Club ribs large package free of charge 8 series, 2 people can shop. A meal only 20 – 30 minutes from yeast, more than and 200 varieties to adapt to the needs of most people, ultra high profits. Stalls operating, store management, venture shop, standard store, flagship store you choose, free training for your free upgrade, secret recipe, suitable for the elderly and children. 3-6 months to recover the cost of investment, from technology to shop, from the decoration to the operation, there are standardized procedures.

Yang joined the inherit characteristics of Huaiyang snacks steamed stuffed bun essence, "industry standard production, the whole cold chain distribution, chain store management" as one mode of operation. Early Yang joined strict selection of fillings steamed vegetables, to ensure the quality of raw materials. Actively cooperate with the national norms vegetable production base, the use of natural pollution-free vegetables. Each piece of leaves after artificial hand selected washing, to ensure that customers eat at ease.

Yang Yurun with China baozi well-known brand building strategic cooperation, use only the "cold fresh ham meat stuffing" as raw materials, to ensure meat delicious and health. Early to join the regional headquarters for Yang buns, the order type of clean production, no gap of production and ensure product freshness and health. Early Yang bun franchise stores adhere to QS food safety standards, filling after standard strict examination, to implement the "fresh products store system that after steaming buns in two hours if not sold, unified processing, not to sell to any consumer. If the steamed stuffed bun stuffing, breaking the skin will also be processed, not for sale, in order to ensure the freshness of fresh bags and health safety.

I do not know from this what do you feel about early Yang buns to join, if satisfied to join, could you please move your fingers, in the message of our website below.