in the life of electric vehicles came into our life has indeed brought a lot of convenience, but also exists some problems, the most prominent is the ride to halfway out of power, according to a common phenomenon that recently, the Pingtan public Zhang Xiuqin heard a good news, a lot of places I area is the construction of charging pile driving electric cars in the future when she just purchased the travel to these locations to work, play, shopping can always charge. Do not worry about riding the electric car out of power, Pingtan began to build 465 charging pile.

in order to promote the application of new energy vehicles, zone before the Pingtan power supply company and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to carry out the charging pile construction work in the region.


13th Five-Year" during the region will build 6 large charging station

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Pingtan power supply company, the current phase of the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities construction has been in full swing. According to the plan, in the "13th Five-Year" period, the region will build 6 large-scale electric vehicle charging station, 6281 charging pile, to provide sufficient power protection for the development of electric vehicles to Pingtan. This year, the first phase of the project, with a total investment of about 20 million yuan, the first in the region to build a fast charging station in the city of 20, providing a total of 465 charging pile.

According to Chen Daibin, deputy director of

Sales Department of Pingtan power supply company, charging facilities mainly in the public parking lot, scenic park, commercial complex, municipal venues and other public places, using fast charge and slow charge combination. Ordinary charging pile is full of electricity needs about 6 hours, and fast charge can be filled in about 80% minutes of electricity, suitable for the urgent need to charge the vehicle traveling on the line of 20." Chen Daibin said.

currently, Pingtan Jin Jing Wan at the end of the first bus station, Australia before the town of Taiwan City, Hai Tan, Lan City and township government in the construction of charging stations is at top speed. The 465 charging pile is expected to be fully operational by the end of this year." Chen Daibin said.

energy-saving emission reduction concept

with the concept of energy-saving emission reduction has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the new energy vehicles have gradually become a new choice for people to buy a car.

environmental protection, affordable, convenient parking these features allow me to choose to buy new energy vehicles." Zhang Xiuqin said her car charging as long as 6 hours a day, you can exercise nearly 200 km, fully meet the daily needs of her.

"5 cents per kilometer, which is south garden a new energy automobile hit stores slogan. According to the shop owner, in November they have recommended 4 shops sell