many of the entrepreneurial process there are very easy to confuse people’s business information, some people can easily without interference, it is because they have a glance to distinguish the false business information, how to identify?

A, source and credibility of information. Information from scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, as well as those obtained from the news media, has been identified by authorities. Information from other sources, the relevant departments and experts should be asked about the expert conclusions and suggestions.

The actual value of

three, information processing method. In order to prevent deception, in the access to such information, you should first go to the letter or go to the local industry and commerce, technical supervision, science and technology and other relevant departments to contact, investigation and understanding, to obtain proof. You should be especially careful about the details and contact information, or simply ignore them.

in the understanding of the method to identify the business information, you can easily go in the right path of entrepreneurship.

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