in the living quarters near the drugstore is very common, this is the public standing demand, so many businesses become the focus of pharmacy. How to open a pharmacy? How much is the cost? Many are very concerned about this issue, small series to share the relevant experience, a look at it.

hard input

A, rent: most of the city now, the pharmacy access threshold in more than 80 square meters. To the city where the average rent of 150 yuan, the cost is: $150 * $80 = $12000. (of course, according to the different situation there are different, but the same as the algorithm) do not forget, the majority of shops need 2 charge 1 rent, you have to pay a deposit of $24000, which is also invested. Because the money until you turn off or transfer the pharmacy to get back. So this piece of rent is 36000 yuan investment.

two, decoration: you rent a store if it is fine decoration, can save money. Now the decoration how market, estimated 300 yuan a nearly flat. That is: 300 yuan * 80 square =24000 yuan. Of course, this varies according to the situation, but the algorithm is the same as

three, there is a shelf: cabinet, cabinet, cabinet back, open shelf categories, according to the operation mode of free choice. This piece of the cost elasticity, but at least 20000 yuan.

must pay the cost, not one less. The next soft input:

soft input

A: first, dry goods store inventory, this part can be elastically arranged, it was classified as a software investment. With 80 square meter, the bottom goods usually you have to prepare at least 3-5 million (at cost calculation), specific to the goods is very skilled, this time must use professional knowledge to analyze and formulate a plan, and not rely on the "inspiration" to decide. As a result, the end of the investment of 40000 yuan.

two, pharmacist: in the author’s city access threshold, the newly opened pharmacies should be equipped with one in the west two pharmacists; single store, mostly to "standard" to hang card form, it is recommended

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