different cities, different locations, the required funds will have a big difference, therefore, this is not able to give a unified answer, but small series here is about the introduction. Open shop address cloth assumption in the downtown section of the urban area, 20 square meter store hypothesis.

50 thousand annual rent, recruit staff salary 2000, 2, 60 thousand a year (after all, attendance bonus, commission, about some 10 thousand a year), 20 thousand utilities, interior decoration, props cupboard door shelf sofa stool is 30 thousand, in some places there is no initial fee, deposit 5000. These pure cost of about 170 thousand, which is a shop for a year.


according to the above assumptions, by virtue of statistics, open the cloth shoe store a year to do a gross profit of 30 – 600 thousand. Generally speaking, 400 thousand of the gross margin. (very real data, if you do not believe you can pretend to join the other store to ask the boss)

if you do 360 thousand a year, then you do a day sales of one thousand. In fact, you ask all the salesperson, one thousand shoe store sales in the downtown section is very low.

old Beijing shoes profit is one hundred percent. Even if 360 thousand of the low sales, there are probably about 180 thousand of the goods, together with inventory, the goods of 200 thousand.

20 million plus 170 thousand, is the year you want to invest all of the funds of 370 thousand.

of course, these funds can not be put into a one-time. Not so much money into. So how are the others? It’s impossible to have so much money to invest.


is very important as the shoe market, shoes has always had a very high market sales, so that the shoes shop to create high profits is a very simple thing. The above calculation is in accordance with the high cost, low income. That’s the worst case scenario. And we are the general old Beijing, the annual sales of 500 thousand is a normal figure.

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