first_imgValve has announced an upcoming public unveiling for Dota 2 in a big fashion: the game will be first shown to the public in a 16-team tournament with the winner taking home one million dollars.The tournament, “The International,” will go down during the Gamescom conference in Germany, August 17-21. 16 elite Dota teams have been invited to play through a tournament with a group stage followed by a double-elimination bracket.The participants list is dominated by Asian countries. Of the 16 teams invited, five are from China and one team comes from each of Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. The remaining six teams are European. The tournament will also be broadcast with commentary in Chinese, German, Russian and English for free.Dota 2 follows on the original DoTA, or “Defense of the Ancients,” a Warcraft III mod from an amateur developer known as IceFrog. IceFrog was hired by Valve, and the company trademarked the Dota name. The practice is practically a Valve tradition, as small indie or mod developers have gone on to create Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Portal, and Alien Swarm as commercial products for the studio.Shortly after Dota 2 was announced last fall, IceFrog wrote a lengthy FAQ that discussed many of the top concerns among existing DoTA players. Several technical features will be implemented to reduce problems caused by the Warcraft III multiplayer experience, such as player reconnection and lag reduction. Other features will make the game more accessible to new players and include AI bots, tutorials, matchmaking, and spectating. As the tournament will demonstrate, broadcasting support will also be in full effect.Dota 2 will be available for the PC and Mac later this year.via the Dota 2 bloglast_img

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